Our company

Our Mission

Acoustique JFP's mission is to offer a comprehensive personalized service, from the quotation of a project to its completion. With our 25 years of experience, we will support and advise you to ensure that your projects are carried out with the utmost efficiency. From our suggestions to optimize your budget during the estimation stage to the management of your projects by our foremen, our team always works towards the achievement of our common goal in all its simplicity.

For Acoustique JFP, progress, dedication, and efficiency are important values that result in a continuous training process. Moreover, our company intends to become a precursor in the construction industry since we are on the lookout for innovations to offer a service at the cutting edge of what is done in our field. To achieve this, we get involved in the development and testing of new equipment and new assembly techniques with various materials.

Like a big family, Acoustique JFP's team members pay particular attention to the well-being of its customers, collaborators, and employees. We believe that the success of our business depends first and foremost on the individuals within it. That's why we make sure that all our employees have a safe and motivating work space.

Our Story

From nothing, or almost nothing

For 25 years now, Jean-François Perron has been an independent entrepreneur. At first, his goal was to provide for his growing little family while practising a profession he was passionate about. Over time, his ambition for the job has turned into something much bigger. Success after success, the accomplishment of his projects drove him to grow his business and expand his team. A wing beat later, he found himself at the head of one of the most successful interior systems companies in the greater metropolitan area.

Today, Jean-François Perron works with his three children who will in turn make the family business prosper.